Give the gift of Music


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Thank you for your interest and willingness to Partner with Imagine Music Schools. All donations to us, big or small, are greatly appreciated!


Statement of Need

The small or large gifts you are prompted to give from your heart during this campaign will be divided evenly among the home office and the schools.  Our calling and target is to teach the scriptural heritage of musicians. musicianship, provide instruments, raise up teachers and travel to and teach online those who simply cannot afford to pay us. Whew!! The schools need instruments, Internet, teaching and buildings.   God must move others to fund this work so we can reach those who are praying for instruments and teaching and so we can give what is in our hearts to give. 

Worship music done correctly. changes communities and puts the love of Christ in peoples hearts which changes families and communities.  Without fervent worship communities seem to grow stale and or die!!  It is so important musicians know their scriptural importance so they are empowered to work hard to become difference makers. 

This work is done completely by the leading of the Spirit of God and faith and has been provided for thus far.  We are doing this campaign because we feel a stirring and see the need to take these schools to the next level and to start two new ones.  This is a team effort in every way.  We simply cannot “Give the gift of music” and teach the Scriptural importance of musicians without God stirring your hearts to fund these important musical leaders!  WE WANT YOU TO IMAGINE WITH US SCHOOLS BEING STARTED EVERYWHERE TO RAISE UP SKILLED AND SPIRIT FILLED WORSHIP LEADERS. 

Together we can give the gift of music.  It is very simple how this works. They pray, God answers through you and us.  WE GO as YOU GIVE and provide what they need.  Below is an outline of where the money will go.  Receipts will be provided for all money sent to the schools. CLICK HERE TO GIVE. We've chosen to set no goal for how much we want to raise.  Do we know what WE THINK we need?  Sure.  But we want God to tell us what we need by what He provides.  We can do a lot of things but we will move at the pace God provides. HERE ARE THE NEEDS AS WE SEE THEM NOW!

  1. Our East Africa partner school (since 2015) needs to secure a new location of 2000 SQ Ft and move in Oct 1st.  Their building was knocked down for a government road and they are in a temporary building and they need more room.  They are hampered by their size and also need to host other visiting East African musicians and future school location leaders.  This campaign could, if enough is given, dramatically grow their ability to be self sustained and push the schools effectiveness to the next level.  We have ideas of how to do that.  The school has already provided the opportunity for over 100 students to play an instrument, receive music teaching and to be empowered with a scriptural foundation of the role of musicians. It currently has 15 donated Instruments and needs more instruments and tools to teach. This school will also be crucial in planting the Zimbabwe school that is a part of this campaign as it was instrumental in helping the Cameroon school.  HERE’S WHY WE NEED TO HELP.   A middle class worker makes $1,200.00 per year in In Uganda and a simple starter guitar costs nearly 2 months of salary. That is the equivalent of two months salary which in the U.S.would be $8,000.00 for one guitar. It is also very hard to purchase internet and get teaching etc... EAST AFRICA PARTNER SITE
  2. Our West African partner since 2014 has an urgent need to purchase Instruments as it currently has 6 donated instrument with 30 students. They also need better internet that will allow us to teach online more effectively from the States. They will also be planting locations in the other 9 French speaking countries in West Africa, once their locations are revealed to us. They desperately need more instruments and better internet to keep the eager students learning and growing and need sustainability and more tools to grow their future ability to plant other schools. WEST AFRICA PARTNER PAGE
  3. We are prompted to start a new school in Hetauda, Nepal.  Darshan Pakhrin will be the Director.   A team from our sister organization,  World Music Mission visited Darshan in 2015 and we have been watching Darshan train musicians and worship leaders all over the countryside and mountains of Nepal since then.  He is dedicated and worth every investment we make and we believe he would make a good Director for all of Nepal.   His dream is to start a school and he does not have the capital to purchase instruments and pay for the school location.   As in our other locations a Middle class worker makes $2,400.00 per year. NEPAL PARTNER PAGE
  4. We are also prompted and committed to planting a new school in Zimbabwe under the direction of the Uganda school and Walter Madimutsa a dedicated SIM leader.  A team from our sister organization World Music Mission visited Walters work in Zimbabwe and provided them with 8 instruments and taught for a week.  After a year they feel a definite leading to start the school. We are feeling the same calling to assist them. 
  5. Fund Kurt Coble, the Director and founder of Imagine Music Schools and co-founder of World Music Mission.  Kurt and his family have committed to live by faith to fulfill Kurt's calling to model musicianship, outreach, and teach and train the future teachers and leaders of these schools via the internet and in person.  In addition to your one time gift, consider becoming a monthly donor towards Kurt's families needs after you give to this campaign.  KURT COBLE WEBSITE  WORLD MUSIC MISSION SITE