Kurt  is a worship leader at heart and lover of cultural worship music. It is his calling and gifting to lead worship and grow it globally. He has led worship in many different cultural contexts in the United States and abroad while serving churches, missions organizations and other entities.

Kurt is a co-founder of World Music Mission whose mission is to activate and open up musicians to serving God and others through short term music service trips.  He is also the founder of Imagine Music Schools whose vision is to provide Instruments, teach musicianship and unveil the strategic role of musicians in the Scriptures, focusing on those with no ability to pay for it, cultivating their leadership in church and culture encouraging them to cultivate others.

For many years Kurt has been traveling the world sharing in the music of the nations.of the world. Kurt’s Faith and cultural music Journey began in Los Angeles while studying at Musicians Institute. While attending, Kurt had a life changing experience through Christ and started attending church at West Angeles Church of God in Christ, a large, predominantly Black church where he was ordained and was immersed in singing and worshipping with black gospel music. 

At that time his roommate was Japanese, He eventually lived in East Los Angeles with a Mexican descent family and traveled with Joe Gutierrez to Spain to work and worship with Gypsies and then to different cities in Mexico. He also worked for Koreans for five years,  a man from India and then to top it off married his beautiful wife Michelle who is from a Lebanese family. Since then he has traveled to many other countries and seen much of the world experiencing both the rich and the poor communities. Many of his best friends are from Africa where he currently has two schools he co-founded with local African visionaries.

 These experiences have uniquely shaped Kurt with a love for culture, musical culture and he sees cultural music as a gift from God and a beautiful representation of the people He created around the world.

Kurt’s journey with music started in his early childhood where he grew up with a  world class musician as a Father, he then went on to study privately for years, study formally in college and graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. He then gained experience through many hours of professional studio work, live music performance, songwriting, arranging, producing and was mentored by many professional musicians and highly talented worship leaders. 

Armed with this depth of experience Kurt is uniquely positioned and equipped to mentor musicians from many cultures.

Lastly Kurt is filled with a passion to use world class music to encourage people  to good works of love in a world that needs so much healing.  Kurt’s belief is that many people have dreams of getting involved in the fight to help others and he uses music to encourage them to take the steps to do so.  Kurt is determined to change as much of the world as possible through music and art by motivating those who have a dream to help others take the steps to accomplish that dream.