Students who have access to a school, practice and thrive at the School and are stepping up and making a difference in their neighborhoods, churches and cultures. The schools are the life blood of learning. There, the students have access to instruments and skilled instruction that they would probably not have access to otherwise. I Chronicles 25:1-8 describles King David's worship school which he started to raise up skilled Levite worshippers who would lead the people in impactful worship at the temple, battles and at important events. His school is the model for these schools. In Psalm 33:3 King David says "Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy". The school he created allowed the musicians to learn music so they could write a new song and play skillfully so that the people and God would be moved by the music. The musicians just didn't learn by accident. There was a concentrated effort by King David to start a school which would be the place where the Levite musicians could learn to be musicians that moved people in musical worship and blessed God in musicial worship. It is our desire to create the same type of schools that train musicians for service in their communities. A worshiping church is an alive church. A non worshipping church is a sleeping church. We don't merely sing songs but we use the beauty of the music to enhance heartfelt love for God expressing itself in praise and worship. We are raising up skilled leaders who will transform communities. This is our calling and goal!!

East African Gospel Academy

East African Gospel Academy is located in Kampala, Uganda. We are so thankful to God for all He has done since August 2015 when EA Gospel Academy began. The CEO, Bukenya, Samson and his team started the school with a vision to develop & nurture music leaders in the East African countries who are well grounded in the Word of God and are leaders who are resourceful to their community

The school currently has 15 instruments and has developed teachers through conferences and internet learning. Those teachers are now assuming teaching dutie. The students study and practice during the week and also learn through internet teaching from Kurt and other teachers overseas. In addition to offering classes four days a week the Academy is known for teaching musicians their biblical heritage, worship leading and for establishing an Emerging Artist Program for artists. They also are active in visiting schools in Kampala where they offer the services of the Music Academy to new students.

The school currently has helped over 100 Students to find their calling and music gifts. The current needs of the school are to raise up more teachers, move into a larger building and become self sustained through the starting of a business so they can plant other East African schools


Festi Gospel Jam/West African Music Academy is located in Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. Since 2014 Kurt and his team from World Music Mission have been working with Festi Gospel Jam to establish a school. The school was founded by Serge Patterson and his team with the assistance of Imagine Music Schools and World Music Mission. The goal of the school is to raise the level of musicianship and worship leading in Cameroon and in the 9 French speaking countries in West Africa. After three long, hard fought years the school opened in June of 2017 and currently has 30 students and 6 donated instruments. The school boasts many unique and talented musicians and teachers that are leaders. The schools needs to receive more capital for the purchase of another ten instruments and to grow their administrative and teaching skills. They will eventually be helped to establish a business that will allow the school to be self funded and then God willing they will plant other schools in their target countries.

Future Schools

Hetauda, Nepal

Darshan Pakhrin is a faithful music and worship teacher who travels the mountains of Nepal and teaches many musicians. He has such a heart for God and for raising up those musicians who are praying for instruments and teaching. Imagine Music Schools is looking to partner with Darshan in late 2017 and early 2018 with the purchase of 10 instruments and 1 year of rent and internet. We have watched Darshan for many years and sent a team from World Music Mission our sister organization in 2015. We feel that any assistance we can give him will be a great investment

Zimbabwe, Africa

A team from World Music Mission visited Walter Madimutsa with SIM in 2016 and delivered 8 instruments and taught some 60 students. We are working with Walter to establish a new school there in late 2017 or early 2018.

Join the Movement

Imagine Music Schools is grateful to our friends and musicians who share their time and talents to make our activities and programs possible. If you are interested in becoming a part of this dynamic organization by volunteering your time and talents, please contact us today.