Imagine Music Schools is a music charity organization who gives the gift of music by starting music schools in communities around the world where instruments and teaching are almost impossible to afford.   We believe God loves music and is the greatest musician in the universe and He created it so his creation could learn it, play it and use it for healing,celebration and to worship and enjoy Him now and for all eternity. 

Our Mission

To establish music schools in under resourced nations, thus impacting,equipping and training the next generation of worship teachers,leaders and musicians who will positively impact their culture. 1 Chronicles 25:1-8, 2 Timothy 2:2..

Why We Exist

Our actions provide Instruments, musicianship, and unveil the strategic role given to musicians by it's Creator, focusing on those with no ability to pay for it, cultivating their leadership in church and culture encouraging them to cultivate others

Our Vision

Provide instruments & teach musicianship to those with no ability to pay for it

 Equip and Empower musicians around the world with the instruments and instruction they need to develop their God-given gifts. 

  • Unveil the strategic role of musicians in the Scriptures             

           Provide sound teaching on what the Bible says about the unique role of the musician

  • Develop leaders in church and culture

           Establish qualified leaders to carry on the work in their communities