The Imagine Music Schools Team

Kurt Coble

Kurt is a musician with a vision to use music to connect people from different cultures and connect people to their creator so they know they are not alone in this life!! Community is fostered through music and Kurt is committed to using it to further community in the world and with God by playing many styles with the diverse peoples of the earth. He sees the music of the nations as a part of their DNA and thumbprint and loves to learn and celebrate their cultures through music as a way to create bridges of understanding, friendship and love.

Kurt is a co-founder of World Music Mission whose mission is to activate and open up musicians to serving God and others through short term music service trips. He is also the founder of Imagine Music Schools whose vision is to provide Instruments, teach musicianship and unveil the strategic role of musicians in the Scriptures, focusing on those with no ability to pay for it, cultivating their leadership in church and culture encouraging them to cultivate others.

Brian Davis

Pr. Brain loves the community at East African Gospel Academy and the opportunity to study, learn, and grow with a body of believers, both students and staff. He gets excited about seeing life transformation as students become apprentices of Jesus. Pr. Brain Davis teaches Introduction to the Bible and among other things helps out in a number of Biblical Discipleship areas. Pr. Brain Davis lives Nashville, USA, connected with EA Gospel in 2016 through World Music Mission and loves teaching the word. Pr. Brain Davis is married to Yolanda and they have three children. Pr. Brian is an ordained shepherd of a local church in Nashville.

Anthony Furlow

He is a Bible teacher, strategic team builder,He is a devoted husband.